Our Company

We are one of the leading pregnancy care and detection providers in the country. We have been in the health care business for over a decade. Our founders have vast experience in the industry and we wanted to focus on building a bright future and this is the reason we chose to take care of pregnant women. We have multiple products and we also provide consultations. We have a team of experienced doctors and technicians who can answer and clarify any doubts that you may have with our products and with respect to pregnancy in general.

Some of our products are as follows

¬†Pregnancy Strips: A reliable detector strip that is very accurate. These are very easy to use and it contains a “how to use” note inside with which anybody can test their pregnancy. You get the result within 2 to 3 minutes. So, no need for you to worry about your missed periods; no need for you to visit the laboratory to get your pregnancy confirmed. Use our pregnancy strip to confirm your pregnancy easily.

Pregnancy Books: We also publish pregnancy books which contain information about each trimester in detail. You can choose from different type of books that are available about pregnancy. Some of them are about the growth of the fetus, healthy foods during pregnancy exercises to be done during each trimester and much more. We also have good collections under our eBooks category. You can also subscribe to get a monthly subscription to your inbox. Pregnancy exercises and Yoga: Our ancestors did all the work themselves and it was very easy during their delivery. But today, the machines have made us lazy. So, we have clubbed and provided all the pregnancy exercise and yoga that can be performed during each trimester on our website.


It is human nature to worry and panic when one sees blood during pregnancy.

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