Bleeding During The First Trimester Of Pregnancy

Pregnancy is an important phase in the life of all the women across the world. The unique feeling each woman gets during her pregnancy is unparalleled. To the outside world, the pregnant woman is just carrying her little baby in her tummy. But, it is not just that, she carries all the pains and discomforts with her. She understands that all her pains are all for her lovely baby. After all, this is why people say no pain, no gain.

A pregnant woman has to come across various pains and discomfort throughout her pregnancies. This is the period when a woman has a lot of questions on her mind. It becomes worse if it is her first pregnancy. One such topic which every pregnant woman likes to know is about bleeding. Is the bleeding normal? How long can it last? When one must consult a doctor may be the questions on one’s mind. Here is a little information about bleeding during the first trimester of pregnancy.

It is obvious for a pregnant person to get nervous when they notice spotting on her under garment. One must understand that not all the bleeding are bad signs. It is usually seen in early pregnancy or during the first trimester. Bleeding may occur for various reasons in various stages.  It is better to understand the reason instead of getting nervous and thinking that there is a problem with the baby.



Implantation Bleeding:

This bleeding occurs even before a woman knows that she is pregnant. It usually occurs when a woman is expecting her next menstrual period.

One may get confused with their regular period. But these are very light when compared to the regular periods.
The bleeding happens when the fertilized egg implants or burrows itself on the lining of the uterus.

This does not happen in all women but 1 in 4 pregnant woman experience light bleeding.

The light bleeding or spotting can be found for one or two days in the week of expected menstrual periods. People often mistake this for regular periods and then later get a surprise when they realize that they are actually pregnant. There are many pregnancy checking strips available in the market that can confirm whether a person is really pregnant or not. So, instead of worrying about bleeding, it is better to understand hcg levels 


When the spotting or light bleeding occurs with abdominal pain or cramping, then it has to be taken seriously. It may be a sign of miscarriage.  Miscarriage is very common because most miscarriages occur in early pregnancy and the woman may not even know that she is pregnant.
One may wonder about the reason for the miscarriage. Miscarriage usually occurs by genetics and due to some medical problems like thyroid and diabetes.

Sometimes infections may also result in miscarriages. Usually, when a woman undergoes a miscarriage, she is worried the next time. There is nothing much to worry as one miscarriage need not lead to series of miscarriages.


Yeast and bacterial infection in the vagina may lead to slight bleeding. The infection can also be a sexually transmitted one.

Ectopic Pregnancy

Very rarely does the embryo implants outside the uterus in one of the fallopian tubes. It may be dangerous to the life. The bleeding may be accompanied pelvic, abdominal or shoulder pain. So, do not take the bleeding lightly if it is accompanied by pains. Sometimes the bleeding without any pain may also be an indication of ectopic pregnancy.
 Almost 20% of women across the world have delivered a healthy baby even after experiencing spotting or light bleeding.

If the bleeding is more, then it is better to consult a physician immediately for assistance. Usually, a pregnant woman who has a bleeding problem is advised bed rest. The person should not move from her bed and never try to do any work that is even moderate. The period of rest varies depending on the condition from a week to several months.

It is human nature to worry and panic when one sees blood during pregnancy.

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